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Shaky Alien Publications is a small, independent publishing agency owned and operated by Oleander Blume 



Our goal is to provide quality stories that can be enjoyed by anyone of hopefully any age, while also bringing into the public conversation about topics often overlooked by the masses, and helping those in need.


"I didn't start writing books to make a profit. It was never actually about that, really. I wanted to write a silly story about clowns and I just wanted it to exist. Things just sort of took off after that and I decided that- if the books got popular, I'd do something with what I'd receive from it. So I decided that every book I write from now on is going to help someone. 

you don't even have to like them, or read them, but if you buy any one of them, you'd be contributing to helping people all around the world and I think that's pretty cool. " 


Oleander Blume

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