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Caring for Your Clown

Caring for Your Clown is Oleander Blume's debut series, following the story of Oliver Tarsul as he navigates his journey through acknowledging, confronting, accepting, and eventually beginning to heal from his traumatic past-- all via the wacky interdimensional shenanigans of alien clowns invading his home, bent on allowing the absolute decimation of the universe. 

CFYC is a tale about trauma and suffering, but packaged in the levity of slapstick humor and some quality puns. If you want to read a story that covers the deepest, darkest aspects of trauma and abuse, while also providing characters you can just as easily laugh with as you will cry, Caring for Your Clown is an engaging tale that will surely move you. 

This series is not yet complete.

Up Coming Works

About My Works in Progress

These are the covers of stories I have either started writing, plotting, or plan to do so in the future one Caring for Your Clown is completed! All of these books will be set within the same multiverse as Caring for Your Clown, though not necessarily the same dimensions or time frame as the original series. You do not have to have read Caring for Your Clown to enjoy these planned books, though you might miss out on some neat references or expansions that originated from CFYC. Either way, I hope you're just as excited as I am about finding out how big the Peace Zone really is!

*covers might change between now and publishing*

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