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Book Two of CFYC and Other Projects in the Works

So, I mentioned previously that I've already written books 1, 2, and 3, out of the five planned entries in the Caring for Your Clown Series. Here's a bit more elaboration on my plans with the books.

  1. Each book will be released on the Anniversary of the first book's Debut, November 17th! think of it like a birthday!

  2. After the Launch of each book, the Audio book will be released FOR FREE on my Author YouTube Channel, Oleander Blume, along with artwork of iconic scenes from each chapter.

  3. The artwork will be for sale here on my website in the form of custom prints, between shirts, posters, bookmarks, blankets, and etc. and just like the books, a portion of the profits I receive will be donated to TYEF.

Other Stuff I'm Working On

Caring for Your Clown isn't the only book series I'm working on! I've also got a stand alone/ potential trilogy titled PYR, an adult fantasy thriller about a kid vampire adopting a homeless man off the streets to help him take down a vampire led human/supernatural trafficking ring. I haven't worked out when it'll be slated to publish but I do fully intend to give it the same treatment as CFYC, so keep an ear out for the foundation I plan to donate to with the royalties from this story as well! I'm hoping to find one that centers around victims of CSA, human trafficking and homelessness, but I've not looked too much into it. busy busy!

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