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Caring for Your Clown Book Three: Letting Go of Things 

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Entering This Dimension November



The Caring for Your Clown Series is about childhood trauma and abuse and the process of healing from childhood trauma and abuse and thus will depict instances and aftermath of traumatic events and child abuse. 

The types of trauma and abuses depicted, discussed or alluded to include and are not limited to the following topics.

Physical abuse 

Psychological abuse 

Emotional abuse 

Traumatic neglect  

Child sexual abuse 

Sexual assault 



Transphobic rhetoric 

Medical abuse

Negative self talk

Suicidal ideation

Panic attacks



Death of loved ones

Please be advised that if any of these topics are triggering and/or deeply discomforting, it is recommended to not engage in this material. 


If you are struggling and need help, the following information may assist you.

Trans Lifeline: U.S. (877) 565-8860 or Canada (877) 330-6366.


Suicide Hotline: 988


ChildHelp National Hotline: 1-800-422-4453


Online Resources:

I made this neat music video for fun

Up Coming Projects

Caring for Your Clown Graphic Novel

It's finally in the works! 

I am working on a graphic novel adaptation of Caring for Your Clown. The release date is unknown as of yet and there is a strong likelihood the graphic novel will be released on a serial basis, chapter by chapter until the first volume is complete. 

I haven't yet decided which platform to publish the serial chapters on, but am looking at potential avenues such as subscription newsletters, or Patreon for those interested in getting the first look at the graphic novels before they are even compiled for a print edition!

For folks who subscribe to the serialized release, I want to offer a free hardcopy of the completed print novel once it's released, for your wonderful patience and support during this daunting process.

Animated Pilot Fundraiser

As some of you may know, animation is a great passion of mine, and my ultimate dream goal with Caring for Your Clown --and many other stories I have in the works-- is to eventually attain the ability to adapt my story into the oft underappreciated, but nevertheless marvelous medium of animation. In fact, the original concept for the series was a pitch bible! 

So, I am going to try to set up a fundraiser for this future dream goal and I would love for my wonderful readers, who I hope love this story just as much as I do, to help me make this into a reality. 

The average budget for a full pilot production like this ranges well above 100,000$ and I know how daunting a goal that is, so I am diligently working to find a suitable method and avenue to raise these funds without breaking my bank and while providing the much needed reverence and respect, and pay to those who are more familiar and working within the industry. I will provide more updates once I've obtained a fundraising route, and a solid budgetary goal to reach.


In other important news, I will be going on a 2 year publishing hiatus between the release of CFYC Book Three and CFYC Book Four. During this time, I won't be launching any traditional books because I'll be busy writing them! And also relocating to an entirely different country and continent! In the mean time, I'll be trying to release new chapters of the Graphic Novel, and probably working on getting all those audiobook files compiled into a single, easily downloadable album so they aren't clogging up the shop page!

I hope that Book Three of Caring for Your Clown really blows it out of the water for you guys, and I greatly appreciate your support and patience.

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My Story

I am a former cosmetologist turned truck driver. And now,  in a surprising turn of events, an author too! In my spare time, while not planning the next entry in my debut series, Caring for Your Clown, I enjoy writing songs, poetry, and instrumental music of various sorts. Don't worry, that's probably not ever going to get published! By far, my interests lie strongly in the creative arts. 


Art and Animation are my biggest creative influence, and when NOT daydreaming for hours at a time about what probably awful thing I'm going to do to my characters next, I like to work on short and usually not that great animations.  


CFYC is my first time writing to publish and I wanted to have a wacky series with lots of inclusivity. Plus, I'm trans, and having books with a trans protagonist was a bit of a must for me. I believe representation matters a lot, so I look forward to writing more books with characters from all walks of life! 

I am also a survivor of extensive childhood trauma and abuse, most of which no one but my closest friends and family will ever be privy to. The stories I write all come from this perspective and are undoubtedly heavily rooted in my experience growing up. 

My goal as an author is to provide a voice --as best as I can-- to the kids who were like me, and for the adults like me now. 

Trauma is hard to heal from. It hurts, and it's easy to make mistakes, walk a little backwards, it is so easy to give up. The journey is long, and ugly, and arduous. But it is possible. 

Editorial Reviews

"Oleander has an interesting way with words, especially in the way he delves into the much darker aspects of experiencing life. It really makes you feel for the characters and their struggles and fears." 

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